Every third Pakistani woman has osteoporosis

Sunday, November 14, 2010

ISLAMABAD - One out of every three women over the age of 50 in Pakistan is suffering from osteoporosis, health experts have said.

This was announced at a symposium titled “Osteoporosis, a Silent Thief” organised in Karachi’s Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College during the weekend, the Online news agency reported.

Salman Faridi, medical director of the institute, said osteoporosis was more of a “silent ageing process” rather than a disease. Simple measures taken in advance can prevent the problem, he said.

A consultant endocrinologist at the hospital, Khalid Imam, talked about the effect of different drugs on bones. He said the problem was growing due to increased risk factors like sedentary lifestyle and dietary insufficiency.

Salman Sharif, a neurosurgeon, spoke about the latest treatments in spinal osteoporosis, stressing that a majority of patients did not require surgery and were treated only with medicines.

Dietary insufficiency was one of the leading causes. The experts emphasised the role of a good diet or supplement intake in case of poor dietary habits.

Lack of physical exercise in the daily routine is also a major cause. A regular workout in any form is a preventive as well as a curing tool, they said.

The treatment options for osteoporosis include intake of calcium and Vitamin D and Bisphosphonates, which strengthen weak bones. Hormone replacement therapy is also a viable solution.

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