Gynaecologists use thin film for cesareans in Delhi

Sunday, November 21, 2010

NEW DELHI - Gynaecologists in the capital are now using a thin film called ’seprafilm’ during cesareans to avoid post-operation and future complications.

According to Meena Naik, senior consultant and gynaec laparoscopic surgeon at Max Hospital, many gynaecologists in the capital prefer this thin film as it reduces complications in cesarean operations.

“I have used this film in a few C-sections over the past four months and the results have been encouraging. It also helps patients to recover fast,” Naik told IANS.

She said it helps to carry out another surgery on the same person later with less complications.

“Recently, a patient had to undergo laparoscopic myomectomy (surgical removal of uterine fibroids) within six weeks of her C-section. The complications generally witnessed in such cases had evidently reduced as I had used this film during her cesarean,” the doctor informed.

Adhesions delay recovery after cesarean, but these films being an adhesion barrier stick to the internal tissues and separate the organs to prevent them from attaching to one another as they heal.

Once placed inside the body, it becomes a gel and also quickly gets absorbed in a week’s time, so the patient doesn’t feel it’s presence.

“The procedure is a recent introduction in India, but it has been used in the US for over 15 years and proven to be safe and efficacious and approved for abdominal, pelvic and thoracic applications,” Naik said.

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