Mexico dog owners urged to dispose pets’ excreta

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mexico City, Aug 15 (IANS/EFE) The Mexico City government has urged dog owners to remove their pets’ excreta from roads when they take them out as it was spreading a foul smell and causing health risks.

The city is home to about 1.2 million dogs which produce some 551 tonnes of excreta daily.

To deal with the problem, the government has launched the “Se un dueño responsable” (Be a Responsible Owner) campaign that urges dog owners to dispose off excreta from streets.

Flyers are being distributed urging dog owners to keep pets from defecating on streets, gardens and public parks.

Animal waste can become “a serious public health problem”, Armando Ahued, federal district health secretary, said Sunday.

“If we do not pick up the animals’ feces, it will dry and turn into dust, which can infect our eyes, respiratory and digestive tracts,” said Ahued.

Some residents in the Condesa neighbourhood of the city have threatened to kill pet dogs with poisoned meatballs.

“Fortunately, I want to tell you that no dogs have been found poisoned, no dogs have died in this area, we have not found the famous meatballs,” the official said.

The government has asked owners to keep dogs on a leash and carry bags to dispose off excreta.

According to law, people who take a dog out without a leash in Mexico City are subject to a fine of one to 10 days of their salary and six to 12 hours detention, but it is seldom enforced.


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