Twins who can ‘hear each other’s thoughts, see through each other’s eyes’

Monday, November 22, 2010

LONDON - A pair of conjoined twins has amazed doctors to no end - the two children, who share a brain, can not only hear each other’s thoughts, but also see through each other’s eyes.

The girls have a conjoined thalamus, the part of the brain that sends physical sensations and motor functions to the cerebral cortex, allowing them to hear each other’s thoughts and see through each other’s eyes.

“When they are playing, one of the girls will reach over and grab something from her sister’s side and know exactly where it is without possibly being able to see it,” The Daily Mail quoted mum Felicia Simms as saying.

“It’s absolutely awesome to watch them sometimes because there’s no way she can see the toy she is reaching for and it’s just incredible.’ The girls also seem to experience each other’s emotions,” she said.

“If one of the girls is hurt, the other can feel it and if you discipline one the other will also cry,” she added.

The girls, from Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, have been receiving constant medical care since they were born.

Paediatric neurosurgeon Doug Cochrane, who has looked after them from birth, confirmed they can see through each other’s eyes.

“One twin may see what the other twin does, as the brain of one of the girls receives electronic impulses from the retina of the opposite twin,” he said.

Felicia and her childhood sweetheart, Brendan 26, did not discover that they had conjoined twins until she was five months pregnant.

“I felt like someone had hit me with a sledgehammer. It all seemed unreal, surreal really, like I was living in a dream and about to wake up. Whatever happened though, I knew I was going to give them the best possible shot at life that I could,” she said.

The girls had separate bodies but were joined just above the ear and Krista was pumping and filtering the blood through her kidneys.

“Their brain is knitted together so any attempt to split it could be fatal to one or both of them,” Felicia said.

Felicia, who is also mum to Rosa, Christopher, and Shaylee, said she never considered a termination but says she received hate mail over the years since the twins’ birth.

“They called the girls freaks,” she said.

“The nameless letters said that I should never have had them. But I didn’t pay them much heed. After all if they weren’t prepared to give up their names, then why should I care.” (ANI)

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