Average Pakistani gets only 68 eggs in a year

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ISLAMABAD - The average Pakistani gets 68 eggs in a year against 300 in developed countries, a seminar here was told Tuesday.

Abdul Rehman, director of the Poultry Research Institute, said the Ministry of Livestock and Dairy Development was formulating strategies to increase egg production in Pakistan to enhance the per capita availability in the country, Online news agency reported.

Speaking on the occasion, ministry spokesman Akram Munir and other experts highlighted the importance of the eggs and their nutrition value and also highlighted the need for modern strategies to increase egg production.

Munir, who also heads the National Programme for the Control and Prevention of Avian Influenza, pointed out that Pakistan’s egg industry was contributing significantly in safeguarding the health of the common man as people who consume eggs do not suffer from ailments of the teeth and bones.

According to Munir, in the past, bird flu, which negatively affected the production of eggs was now under control due to the efforts of the National Programme on Avian Influenza Prevention and the cooperation of poultry farmers.

The workshop was held on the eve of World Egg Day.

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