WASHINGTON - South Asian countries have failed to keep their ageing populations healthy and face a growing crisis that is adding to broad income inequalities across the region, the World Bank has warned.

LONDON - A research team has found that a new vaccine strategy tested in mice provides stronger, more long-lasting protection from tuberculosis (TB) infection than the vaccine currently used in humans, known as BCG.

LONDON - Danish scientists have developed a new vaccine that can fight tuberculosis (TB) before and after infection.

LONDON - Three Bangladeshi experts have reportedly accused Britain of "covering up" the G8's failure to reduce tuberculosis death toll in south Asia.he Guardian quoted the experts as saying that Britain's strategy against the disease was aimed at preventing its spread to the west, rather than tackling the living conditions in deprived communities where TB is endemic.

WASHINGTON - A new study has provided compelling evidence of increased lung cancer risk among people with tuberculosis.
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