NEW DELHI - A group of children who have survived the deadly cancer took out an awareness march here Sunday, with Defence Minister A.K. Antony's wife Elizabeth and army Chief General Vijay Kumar Singh joining in to express solidarity.
WASHINGTON - A vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV), which can be transmitted by sexual contract, prevents 90 percent of genital warts in men.
WASHINGTON - Eliminating distractions like cell phones and TV, involving behaviour control such as mild discipline and allowing communication that shows genuine interest and concern are the ways to ease the lives of asthmatic children.
NEW DELHI - Over 40,000 cases of cancer in children are being reported in India every year, experts said here Sunday, adding that only a fraction of them manage to receive proper treatment.
MELBOURNE - A donkey that rose to fame last year after being forced to parasail above the beaches of southern Russia has died of a heart attack.
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