Britain’s fattest man has weight reduction op in India

Saturday, November 13, 2010

LONDON - Britain’s fattest man, who weighed 50-stone, has undergone surgery in India after doctors in the UK told him that he was too fat for the operation to be conducted there.

Zac Smith, 35, who had to be placed on two mammoth operating tables for the procedure, had ballooned on a diet including curry and fast food.

When he first approached doctors in Britain, he was told that he could have gastric sleeve surgery if he lost some weight first, and the total procedure would cost him 15,000 pounds.

The procedure involves the removal of a large part of the stomach, which is then moulded into the shape of a tube, or sleeve, and the open edges are closed with surgical staples.

Smith, a builder, decided to go in for surgery when he started having difficulty walking, and he tried everything to lose weight, from swimming to even dieting, but nothing worked.

“I loved to eat. As a child, my friends always bullied me, but my family never stopped me eating out of love,” the Sun quoted him as saying.

“My bad food habits and lack of understanding to choose the right food led to my current state of obesity,” he revealed.

In desperation, Smith, of Cardiff, travelled to the Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune, western India, where the op costs 5,600 pounds.

Doctors in India removed three-quarters of his stomach, and they needed special long instruments to get round his 94-inch waist.

Smith, who is recovering from the operation, can now eat only tiny portions and hopes to shed 30st by February with regular exercise and a diet plan - and even get married.

“Mr Smith was a classic case of a super-obese patient. He was the heaviest person to undergo this operation in Asia,” Surgeon Dr Shashank Shah stated. (ANI)

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