Delhi enforces rules for radioactive material disposal

Monday, May 3, 2010

NEW DELHI - After the radiation leak fiasco, in which person was killed and seven affected, the Delhi government Monday enforced rules for disposal of radioactive material as per the directives of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), Health Minister Kiran Walia said.

“The Delhi government has enforced the rules and regulations for disposal of radioactive material in all medical establishments as per directives of AERB under Atomic Energy (Safe Disposal of Radioactive Wastes) Rules 1987 and Atomic Energy (Radiation Protection) Rules 2004 in the national capital,” the minister said in a statement.

“The guidelines have been issued to all the heads of the hospitals, medical centres, diagnostic centres, medical labs using radioactive equipments for its safe disposal for the safety and security of human life,” she added.

The radiation leak was reported about a fortnight ago from a scrap market in Mayapuri area of west Delhi. Police said the source of the leak was a radioactive gamma cell containing Cobalt 60 that was auctioned as scrap by Delhi University’s chemistry department two months ago.

Referring to the incident, Walia said: “Though the government agencies reacted with alacrity and could check any further exposure of radiation to human beings, the serious risk of radiation hazards needs to be emphasized.”

“All hospitals and healthcare centres who deal in any manner with radioactive waste of any kind have to follow stringent procedures against any radiation exposure to humans,” she added.

Walia also said that adequate surveillance of likely leakages, emergency preparedness, adopting adequate safety norms while decommissioning radiation installations and the likes should also be adhered to.

“There are penalties prescribed for violation of these rules,” she said.

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