stem cells

LONDON - Stem cells derived from a patient with an inherited heart disease could help test specific treatments for the disease, known as long QT syndrome, say scientists.

LONDON - A baby boy in Britain has become the first "saviour sibling" to be created in the UK after doctors cultivated embryos that could provide stem cells to treat a life-threatening disease his sister has been suffering since birth.
Male Baldness no more a Problem, Stem Cell has an Answer
NEW YORK ( -- Men no more have to suffer from baldness stigma as stem cells has an answer to cure baldness.
Bother May help to Cure her Sister’s Mystery illness
NEW YORK ( -- The parents of a severely disabled 19-month-old girl said they hoped her new brother may eventually help find a cure for her mystery illness.
ReNeuron Raised £10 million in Stem Cell Therapies
LONDON ( -- ReNeuron, the leading stem cell therapies developer has raised 10 million in fresh funding.
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