Chocolate gift causes heart attacks to school boy

Friday, January 28, 2011

LONDON - A schoolboy here suffered two heart-attacks after a school teacher handed him a chocolate with a whole hazelnut inside it.

Seven-year-old Rehan Butt had a massive allergic reaction and had to be rushed to hospital where he was put on ventilator to help him breathe, reported Daily Mail Friday.

It is thought that a substitute teacher at St Matthew’s C of E Primary School in Bradford was handing out chocolate for a child’s birthday and handed Rehan the ‘Big Purple One’ from a selection box as he left.

According to Rehan’s family, the staff at the school in Bradford had been aware of Rehan’s allergy since he started there three years ago.

Although it appears Rehan was handed the sweet by a substitute teacher, his mother Razwana Butt, a civil servant, said there was a board up in class with pictures of the children with allergies and what they were allergic to.

Despite this, he was allegedly handed a Quality Street chocolate with a hazelnut in as he left school Tuesday, Razwana stated.

Razwana said: ‘The chocolate was given to him but he didn’t tell me until he had eaten it. When I saw him he had the purple wrapper and then his eyes started to swell up about 10 minutes later.”

“He was saying he was finding it difficult to breathe and he was panicking. We called an ambulance and luckily it arrived really quickly.”

Rehan was transferred from Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI), a hospital in Bradford, to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Leeds General Infirmary, a specialist regional centre for a number of complex conditions, before being taken back to BRI at about 5 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, where he is still staying.

Head teacher Bob Curran said in a statement: “We can assure Rehan’s family that there will be a full investigation into the incident.”

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Tom Hennessy
January 29, 2011: 12:15 pm

WHY the kid hasn’t been THOROUGHLY explained the repercussions of eating food which may very well kill him is the PARENTS fault. IF they would have given the kid the discipline he NEEDED he would not be eating food which he shouldn’t. Jewish kids eat kosher and THIS kid is NOW almost dead because his parents REFUSE to teach their own child. Nobody is to blame BUT the parents.

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