Bogus physiotherapist in UK faces jail for sexually assaulting women

Thursday, January 20, 2011

LONDON - A man in Britain, who falsely claimed to be a physiotherapist, is facing a lengthy prison sentence after he sexually assaulted a number of women in his surgery.

Charles Ahme, 50, who had no medical qualification except for an online first-aid certificate, had claimed to be a leading practitioner and set up his own sports injury clinic, the Daily Mail reported.

The Manchester Crown Court was told he molested at least 13 women who saw him for treatment, including an international athlete.

Ahme would tell clients to strip to their underwear or even completely before subjecting them to an intimate and often painful “full body MoT”, and when one asked why he wanted her to strip, he replied, “Trust me, I’m a doctor”.

Another client, who had injuries caused by salsa dancing, was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and told to take off her bra after which he pressed her hips back and forth, causing her to cry out in agony - at which he said, “No pain, no gain” and carried on as before.

One woman who went to Ahme with a knee injury was told to remove her knickers before he rubbed down her bottom and said she needed an “internal massage”.

Describing himself as Dr Charles Ahme BSc, he set up the Moseley sport injuries and physiotherapy clinic in Levenshulme, lining the walls with fake qualification certificates.

Ahme was finally exposed last March after treating an athlete who has represented Great Britain.

He offered a sports massage and, after telling her to undress to bra and knickers, pulled down her underwear and massaged her bottom.

She contacted police, who found a previous complaint from 2009 had not been pursued and launched an investigation, which revealed the other victims.

Ahme, of Bradford, Manchester, admitted 14 counts of sexual assault, two of causing bodily harm and two of assault by penetration. He will be sentenced in March. (ANI)

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