LONDON - The next time you take out money from an automated teller machine (ATM), make sure you either wear gloves or wash your hands. Cleanliness tests have revealed that cash machines are as dirty and carry the same germs as public toilets.
NEW DELHI - Even as Indian economy is booming, the public healthcare system has gone on the backfoot and immediate attention is needed to upgrade the services, a study by medical magazine Lancet said Tuesday.
WASHINGTON - A long-held belief that people in the Mediterranean enjoy more healthy diets and lifestyles has been questioned by a Spanish study.
LONDON - Beware - watching TV for extended periods could damage your heart, even if you are sweating it out in the gym.
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM - Over 30,000 employees at the Technopark campus here will have a condom vending unit at their disposal in a week's time, with healthcare firm HLL Lifecare Ltd set to install one there.
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