WASHINGTON - Tongue piercing is a fad these days, a bold style statement that lures many teenagers. Unfortunately, people tend to overlook the possible health hazards that can be caused by it.
WASHINGTON - Gabrielle Giffords, who is in critical condition after being shot in Tucson, had become a target of potential presidential candidate Sarah Palin in the mid-term elections last year, and had reportedly posted on her Facebook page that a U.S. map with crosshairs of a rifle scope over the districts repped by Giffords and 19 other Democrats.
WASHINGTON - For parents anxious about the negative influence of TV on their children, here's another worry - having friends who watch a lot of TV can be even more damaging to a teen's body image.
NEW DELHI - Cautioning against fake doctors, the Delhi Medical Council Sunday issued advertisements in leading dailies saying that the advice of quacks may worsen illnesses and any information on them should be given to the council for immediate action.
WASHINGTON - Secret Service has reportedly visited Jacob Volkmann, a UFC fighter, after he said that he wanted to fight President Obama because he disagreed with his health care policy.
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