Darvocet Recalled
WASHINGTON (GaeaTimes.com)- The popular pain killer, that apparently relieved you from mild to moderate post surgical pains, is no more a boon.

LONDON - A survey has found out which city in Britain buys the anti-impotence drug Viagra the most.

LONDON - A new emergency contraceptive pill, which can reportedly be taken up to five days after intercourse, is being sold online in Britain.

WASHINGTON - A dietitian has cast doubts on the new 'Ice Cube Diet' that promises to melt away pounds by simply popping a "Hoodia satiety cube" into the drink of your choice once a day.

LONDON - Driven by the quest for mega-profits, drug firms seem to be fostering the myth that four in 10 women have low libido and fuel their drive for a female viagra, says a new book.
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