IMPHAL - Growing up in a conflict zone, children living with HIV in the northeastern state of Manipur are deprived of more than their childhood.
NEW DELHI - K. Chandramouli Wednesday took over as the secretary in the health and family welfare ministry.
WASHINGTON - A new study has claimed that black rice, a little-known variety of the grain that is the staple food for one-third of the world's population, may help soothe the inflammation involved in allergies, asthma and other diseases.
TORONTO - Canadian neuroscientists have developed a protein peptide to cure deep depression with little side-effects.
NEW DELHI - Away from a group of children playing in a lush green park in the heart of the capital, eight-year-old Shashank huddles on an iron bench in a secluded corner. "I am HIV positive, so I can't play with them now. I wish I could join them," he says.
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