Moderate alcohol intake may benefit kidney transplant patients

Friday, November 19, 2010

WASHINGTON - A study has pointed out that moderate alcohol consumption among kidney transplant recipients appears to reduce one’s risk of developing diabetes and dying prematurely.

The study, which was led by Dorien M. Zelle (University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands) examined data from 600 renal transplant recipients who had their transplant more than one prior and followed them for several years post-transplant.

Of these, 288 (48 percent) reported being abstainers, 94 (16 percent) said they were sporadic drinkers, 210 (35 percent) reported moderate alcohol intake, and 8 (1 percent) said they were heavy drinkers.

Moderate alcohol consumption was associated with a significant 67 percent decreased odds of post-transplant diabetes.

During an average follow-up of seven years, moderate alcohol drinkers were 44 percent less likely to die than other types of drinkers/non-drinkers.

The authors concluded that in contrast with common advice for kidney transplant recipients to refrain from drinking alcohol, drinking moderate amounts of alcohol appears to protect against diabetes and premature death in kidney transplant recipients, similar to the general population.

“Quality of life in renal transplant recipients is under pressure by many threats, restrictions, and recommendations,” said Zelle.

“Our results indicate that one of the restraints on quality of life in stable renal transplant recipients may be released. There seems no reason to advise renal transplant recipients to abstain from alcohol post-transplant,” she added. (ANI)

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