WASHINGTON - Two new studies have found that gastric bypass surgery lead to better long-term results including greater weight loss, resolution of diabetes and improved quality of life compared with sleeve gastrectomy and "lap-band" surgery.

WASHINGTON - Preadolescent children with type 1diabetes have a 200 percent to 400 percent greater chance of developing cardiovascular disease than those without diabetes, according to a new study.

WASHINGTON - According to a multi-cultural study, the first time that many patients realise that diabetes can affect their kidneys is when they are referred to renal services.

LONDON - An Australian study has suggested that kids with Type 1 diabetes are nearly 10 times more likely to have a viral infection as compared to healthy children.

NEW DELHI - K Subrahmanyam (1929 - 2011), the strategic guru for most Indian security analysts who passed away on Feb 2 after a long struggle with diabetes and cancer combined the finest qualities of head and heart.
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