Diabetes “epidemic” in Britain costing NHS 1m pounds an hour

Monday, October 25, 2010

LONDON - A huge number of people in Britain are being diagnosed with diabetes in an “epidemic” that is said to be costing the NHS 1million pounds every hour.

Diabetes UK, which collected the figures from GP practices, revealed one in 20 is now being treated for the condition, with 90 percent suffering from Type 2 diabetes, which is fuelled by poor lifestyle and obesity.

As of last year, 150,000 new cases have been reported, which is a six percent rise, and experts are extremely worried by the surge as it mirrors a six percent rise in obesity.

“These figures confirm how appalling the levels of diabetes and obesity are in this country, and they would be even worse if they included children,” the Daily Express quoted Tam Fry, of the Child Growth Foundation, as saying.

“Unfortunately, we can expect levels to go up even if in some parts of the country obesity may be being brought under control. The fat are just getting fatter and suffering the consequences of excess weight,” Fry added.

Diabetes UK has called for urgent Government intervention, and warned that people with diabetes who do not receive the correct treatment risk blindness, losing limbs and an early death. (ANI)

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Tom Hennessy
October 27, 2010: 11:09 am

The government in their ignorance fortifies our food with the very substance which has lead to this high rate of diabetes. They have shown when the iron levels in the body get HIGH enough it causes diabetes. The NIH has just finished a clinical trial in which they studied the effects of iron depletion.

The fortification of our foods with iron MUST be stopped and never implemented again.

“Iron Depletion Therapy for Type 2 DM and NAFLD”
“Iron restriction improves type 2 diabetes mellitus in Otsuka Long-Evans
Tokushima fatty rats”
“High iron intake in the first 4 months of infancy is associated with T1DM”

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