WASHINGTON - A study by University of Manchester scientists suggests that radio frequency exposure from cell phone use does not increase the risk of developing brain cancers by any significant amount.
SYDNEY - A University of Adelaide research has suggested that a universal flu vaccine delivered by a simple nasal spray is a step closer.
WASHINGTON - Scientists have moved a step closer to creating a medical 'smart bomb' that would seek out and eradicate the root of cancer cells - by developing the world's first cancer stem cell-targeting chemical missile.
WASHINGTON - When it comes to heart health, you shouldn't ignore your legs, say experts. The Vascular Disease Foundation and its P.A.D. Coalition are urging people to listen to the legs and be alert to the signs of peripheral arterial disease, or P.A.D.
WASHINGTON - Those who become angry or anxious easily are more prone to inflammatory diseases like cardiovascular ailments than others, says a new study.
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