MUMBAI - Aiming to spread cancer awareness, the third edition of the Lavasa Women's Drive will be flagged off from Mumbai and Pune Feb 27, ahead of the International Women's Day March 8, a company official said.
NEW DELHI - To check companies reported violation of rules to require hepatitis B tests for job applicants, the Chinese Government has reiterated a strict ban on the tests during pre-employment physical examinations.
LONDON - Young people aged 16-19 years have received Valentines Day missives from health professionals in Britain to raise awareness about the dangers of Chlamydia, an infection that could render them infertile.
LONDON - In a chapter straight out of sci-fi, scientists have fashioned a bionic arm by connecting nerves from an amputee's stump to his chest muscles to make it work seemingly on mind power.
LONDON - Camel cigarettes maker R.J. Reynolds has been forced to pay more than 260,000 dollars in damages to an elderly man who developed cancer from smoking.
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