Massachusetts woman seeks help paying for eye surgery for her turkey named Jerry

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mass. woman seeks funds for turkey’s eye surgery

REHOBOTH, Mass. — A Massachusetts woman is seeking donations from fellow pet lovers to help pay for eye surgery for her turkey named Jerry. Lyndsey Medeiros and her husband adopted three-year-old Jerry and another turkey from a Rhode Island farm last week. But Jerry has cataracts, and the eye problems mean he can’t eat independently or join his female companion, Penelope, in flying.

Medeiros has posted an ad on Craigslist seeking donations for the surgery. She said the procedure could cost up to $2,600. Her farm in Rehoboth, Mass., cares for other animals with health problems.

May 25, 2010: 1:51 pm

Dear sir,

I heard a lot about your assistance to many people, and I saw your achievements while searching on web.

I am shadi from Aida-Camp for refugees- Bethlehem. I had injured in my eye while I was crossing Israeli block to reach my work, I lost my vision in right eye cause of retina detachment and other is 6/12 which leads losing my work , I was working as electronic technician.
as you know its very bad economic situation in Palestine .I cant find job as well as cant work in repairing.
I cant take my medication because I cant reach Jerusalem which only there is the eye hospital . I don’t have permission to enter, as well as its very expensive to do operations and have medication, I don’t know what to do I am very tired and feel frustration, because iam only who have to help my family.
looking forward to hear from you soon. If you cant support me please advice to whom may I can contact .

If you need any documentation and report I will send them if required.


Shadi abu salim

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