LONDON - People who pray, meditate and perform religious rituals show considerably more activity in their brain's frontal lobe during these activities than when the brain is at rest, a scientist has found.
GURGAON/NEW DELHI - As the mercury dips, doctors warn that heart patients are at double the risk of suffering a cardiac attack as compared to summer.
NEVADA - Even the Vatican Library has books on Hinduism and Yoga. Catalogue search reveals that besides nine books on the subject of Yoga, Vatican Library carries books on Hindu civilization, manners-customs-ceremonies, music, pantheon, psychology, theology; in addition to some titles on Hinduism.
NEW DELHI - Accreditation process for hospitals practising homeopathy needs to be stepped up as recent studies have proven the efficiency of homeopathy in managing chronic diseases, doctors said at the 17th All India Homeopathic Congress here.
LONDON - A WikiLeaks employee has shed new light on the allegations of sexual misconduct that led to Julian Assange's legal troubles.
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