NEW DELHI - Pregnant women across China will receive free screenings for HIV, syphilis, and Hepatitis B, and if they test positive, they will be treated at hospitals to prevent them from transmitting the diseases to their children.

NEW DELHI - To check companies reported violation of rules to require hepatitis B tests for job applicants, the Chinese Government has reiterated a strict ban on the tests during pre-employment physical examinations.

MELBOURNE - The Australian taxpayers' money is being used to fund a guide on ways to inject, snort, and swallow cocaine and other party drugs.

AGARTALA - Hoping to stem the incidence of Hepatitis B, the Tripura government Friday introduced 'at birth vaccination', based on the China model that attained 99.98 percent success in curbing the disease.

NEW DELHI - Hundreds of thalassemic children get infected with HIV-AIDS every year during crucial blood transfusions as most blood banks, including the Indian Red Cross, are not equipped with an advanced blood testing facility that can detect the virus accurately and in a short time, say experts.
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