British scientists say rare flower has world’s longest genome, 50 times size of man’s

Claim: White flower has world’s longest genome

People working in loud places might have triple the risk of a heart problem, study says

Loud workplaces may increase heart problems

Test-tube baby pioneer Robert Edwards of Britain has won the 2010 Nobel Prize in medicine

Test-tube baby pioneer Edwards wins medicine Nobel

Where’s the beef? Experts say drug-spiked meat could explain Contador’s positive doping test

Drug in beef could explain Contador’s doping test

Old British navy journals tell tales of drunken sailors, walrus attacks and tobacco’s merits

Navy journal from 1801: Tobacco smoke saves lives

Study: Exercise could cut womb cancer risk by 30 percent, and less sitting could help too

Exercise could cut womb cancer risk by 30 percent

Report: Cost of dementia to exceed $604 billion, number of cases to double every 20 years

Report: Global cost of dementia is soaring

Study: Early breast cancer patients survive just as long with less invasive lymph node surgery

Less invasive surgery OK for breast cancer

Study: 2 popular arthritis supplements don’t work; insurers should stop paying for them


British businessmen charged for illegally making sperm available on the Internet

UK men charged for illegal sperm donor Web site

Cooling Towers Suspected for Legionnaires’ Outbreak

Legionella bacteria
SOUTH WALES( — Cooling towers in South Wales are suspected for Legionnaires’ outbreak that took two lives. Health Officials ordered to temporarily shut down the cooling towers in the industrial estate that were reopened after the towers were cleaned and disinfected.

Study: Stents may double risk of stroke or dying in older patients compared to surgery

Stroke stents may double risk in patients over 70

UK drug regulators want GSK’s controversial diabetes pill Avandia pulled from market

UK regulators want Avandia diabetes pill pulled

Study: Drugs to strengthen bones may slightly raise the chances of throat cancer


‘Harry Potter’ author JK Rowling donates $15.4 million to multiple sclerosis research

Image tuberous sclerosis
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‘Harry Potter’ author JK Rowling donates 10 million pounds to multiple sclerosis research

Image tuberous sclerosis

European Medicines Agency investigates if there’s a link between swine flu shot, narcolepsy


Weight loss surgeries in England rose tenfold from 2000-2008, experts worry trend may continue


UK study: Nonreligious doctors twice as likely to hasten death of terminally ill patients

UK study: Nonreligious doctors hasten death more

Vitamin D Impacts Over 200 Genes

In the elderly, fear of falling may be enough to cause future injuries, study finds

Fear of falling may be enough to raise injury risk

UK Doctor who advised on Lockerbie bomber’s release says experts agreed his prognosis was poor

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Cancer expert consulted in Lockerbie bomber case raises questions over medical advice


UK’s breast cancer death rates dropped the most in Europe, but better records still needed


British doctors warn new superbug found in patients from India, Pakistan could spread widely


Study: Women who have a miscarriage don’t need to wait before trying for another baby

After miscarriage, don’t wait before trying again

Overeating for 2 could create a baby more likely to be obese and have later health problems

File:Blood pressure

Romanian mother weighing 528-pound (240 kilogram) dies months after giving birth

Heart Attack Picture
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EU population passes half-billion mark thanks to immigration, as birth rate falls

Immigrants drive EU population beyond half-billion

UN: Number of young people with HIV in Africa is falling in countries hardest hit by the virus


Brain Fever Kills English Lady

brain fever

Spokesman says British pop singer Cheryl Cole is treated for malaria in London hospital

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UK minister rejects celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s approach to school food

Minister rejects Jamie Oliver approach to health

British doctors say there could be twice as many cases of Huntington’s disease as once thought

huntingtons hero 2

Study: Heavy women have higher chance of a miscarriage after artificial reproduction

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When are those hot flashes coming? Scientists propose test that could predict menopause

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UK medical group says fetus cannot feel pain before 24 weeks; no need to change abortion law

UK report: fetus can’t feel pain before 24 weeks

Study: Kids whose moms lived near cell-phone towers in pregnancy don’t have more cancer risk


Is there an app for blood donations? Journal calls for Facebook drive to get young donors

Journal calls for Facebook blood donor drive

Extra pounds can cramp your sex life: Study says being fat raises the risk of sexual problems

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British woman received lungs from a 30-year smoker, family complains they weren’t told

Woman received lungs of a 30-year smoker

LONDON — The family of a 28-year-old British woman who unknowingly received a lung transplant from a smoker says she would have been “horrified” and have lodged a complaint.

Experts examine mummy of 13th-century saint, say she died of a heart defect

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UK health watchdog recommends against breast cancer drug for patients with advanced disease

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Short people might be more susceptible to heart problems, new study says

Short people at higher risk of heart problems

Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip, has surgery to treat carpal tunnel syndrome

Queen Elizabeth II’s husband has surgery on hand

Study: Bangladeshi kids who lose a mom more likely to die; dad’s death shows no difference

Bangladesh kids who lose mother more likely to die

Study: Giving some addicts heroin may be more effective than methadone in breaking addiction

Study: heroin better than methadone to kick habit

Court rules for US swimmer Hardy, rejecting WADA bid to extend ban; Olympic status undecided

Court rules for Jessica Hardy, rejects WADA appeal

European authorities say GSK’s Rotarix vaccine is safe despite presence of pig virus

European authorities say Rotarix is safe

LONDON — The European Medicines Agency said the unexpected presence of a pig virus in GlaxoSmithKline’s Rotarix vaccine poses no threat and should continue to be used, the drugmaker said Friday.

London’s Hyde Park opens capital’s first exercise playground for older people

London opens first exercise playground for elderly

Study: Adult death rates lowest in Iceland and Cyprus, highest in Swaziland and Zambia

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