Malawi, where 12 percent of population is HIV-positive, adopts new UN AIDS guidelines

Malawi adopts UN guidelines on AIDS

BLANTYRE, Malawi — Malawi’s vice president says her AIDS-ravaged southern African country will adopt the latest U.N. health guidelines that call for putting HIV-positive people on drugs sooner.

Report finds developing countries getting more AIDS drugs to pregnant women, others in need

More HIV care for pregnant women in poor countries

Malawi rules out circumcision as AIDS-prevention strategy, says no evidence it works

Malawi rules out circumcision for AIDS prevention

In South Africa, doctors and activists worry about impact of strike on AIDS patients

AIDS patients hurt by South African strike

Merck, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation commit $60M to Botswana HIV/AIDS partnerships


Zimbabwe opposition co-founder and veteran labor activist Gibson Sibanda dies at 66


Volunteers help at S.African state hospitals as nationwide strike hits government services

Amid SAfrican strike, volunteers help at hospitals

AIDS breakthrough: Vaginal gel helps prevent HIV, herpes infections, African study finds

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Revamping AIDS strategy at home, Obama looks to what worked for Bush worldwide

Obama looks to Bush’s worldwide strategy on AIDS

Semenya’s coach says 800m champ will make Europe comeback, won’t compete at world juniors

Coach: Semenya targeting European return

JOHANNESBURG — Caster Semenya will make her comeback at a European meet but is not fit enough to compete at the world junior championships in Canada, the 800-meter world champion’s coach said Wednesday.

Caster Semenya cleared to return immediately by track authorities and compete as a woman

World champ Semenya cleared to return to track

800-meter champ Caster Semenya cleared to return to track immediately by sport’s ruling body

Semenya cleared to return to track immediately

APNewsBreak: Caster Semenya’s father says sidelined world champion will be cleared

Father: Caster Semenya says she will be cleared

South African government concerned about spike in deaths after traditional circumcision rites

SAfrica sees rise in post-circumcision deaths

World Cup trip for Zimbabwe’s HIV Positive Ladies Football Club


Swaziland study shows death rate has doubled in African kingdom with world’s highest HIV rate

Study shows mounting AIDS toll in Swaziland

Child mortality rates up in 6 African nations despite UN Millennium Development Goals push

Child mortality rates up in Africa despite UN push

South African surgeons report transplanting kidneys between patients with HIV infections

Hepatitis B

SAfrican health minister: country must use sport to highlight social issues after World Cup


Studies say vuvuzela horn could spread colds and flu, cause hearing loss

Study: Vuvuzela could spread colds and flu

Runner Caster Semenya to hold news conference Thursday on gender verification dispute

Semenya to discuss outcome of gender dispute

AIDS groups protest ban on HIV information centers at FIFA controlled soccer venues

AIDS awareness group

HIV/AIDS patients being turned away in Africa because of donor cuts, aid group says

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Health aid group MSF says donors retreating on AIDS, consequences felt across Africa

Health aid group says donors retreating on AIDS

Health aid group says donors are retreating on AIDS support, consequences felt across Africa

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South Africa midfielder Jali heading to US for tests after discovery of heart condition

South African midfielder has heart condition

South Africa, changing track on AIDS, faces lack of resources and stigmas


Days before Mother’s Day, African, Canadian grandmothers gather in Swaziland to fight AIDS


South African President Zuma says his fourth HIV test is negative; encourages HIV testing

South African president says he is HIV-negative

AIDS vaccine researcher in South Africa for conference says recent strides give new hope

AIDS vaccine researcher hopeful

JOHANNESBURG — A leader in the search for a vaccine against HIV, which causes AIDS, said Friday that recent advances have given scientists new reason for hope.

Zambia hit by worst cholera outbreak in years; more than 130 dead and nearly 5,000 affected

Zimbabwe declares cholera

Caster Semenya’s lawyers say her gender test results say she can compete as a woman

Semenya’s lawyers say tests prove she can compete

Semenya to return to racing June 24 in Spain; world champion will wait for gender test results

Caster Semenya plans to race June 24 in Spain

After threat of legal action, ASA says Semenya could race if she talks ‘to the right people’

ASA: Semenya should ‘talk to the right people’

Semenya announces return to competitive running despite being denied a spot at SAfrican meet

Semenya announces return to competitive running

IAAF asks Athletics South Africa to keep Semenya off track until gender test results known

IAAF asks ASA to keep Semenya from competing

Zimbabwe newspaper apologizes to Britain’s Queen over Internet pregnancy photo

Zimbabwe newspaper apologizes to Britain’s Queen

South Africans to hand out 2.5 billion condoms during world’s largest HIV testing campaign

Workers to give out 2.5 billion condoms in SAfrica

Retired doctors to help implement world’s largest HIV testing campaign in South Africa

Retired doctors to help test for HIV in SAfrica

HIV, TB cut life expectancy in mountainous African kingdom of Lesotho


HIV, TB cut life expectancy to a mere 36 years in mountainous African kingdom of Lesotho

in the face of tuberculosis

David Beckham and wife Victoria fly to London after surgery on torn Achilles’ tendon

Beckham in London after surgery in Finland

David Beckham leaves clinic in Finland after surgery on torn Achilles’ tendon

Beckham leaves Finland clinic after surgery

UNAIDS chief warns donor funding cuts could lead to HIV “nightmare” in Africa


WADA offers FIFA help investigating use of undetectable stimulants from African medicines

WADA offers FIFA assistance over African medicines

AP Interview: FIFA fears use of undetectable African medicines as stimulants at World Cup

AP Interview: FIFA concern over African stimulants

Put a ring on it? Experts explore new ways to circumcise men in Africa to fight AIDS epidemic

Experts explore ways to circumcise men in Africa

Humorists poke fun at SAfrican leader’s sex scandal but it also hits a nerve

President’s love child hits a nerve in SAfrica

US puts locals in charge of AIDS spending; groups say that could mean savings in tough times

Americans puts locals in charge of AIDS spending

South African president acknowledges fathering love child, defends stance against AIDS

South African president acknowledges love child

SAfrica Olympic committee says Caster Semenya can’t run at home or abroad until IAAF ruling

SAfrica Olympic committee: Semenya can’t run yet

Caster Semenya’s lawyers still in talks with IAAF on South African runner’s future

Semenya’s lawyers still in talks with IAAF

Caster Semenya’s coach says she is free to compete; IAAF says inquiry ongoing

Semenya’s coach says she is free to compete

South Africa to treat all HIV-positive babies, president announces on World AIDS Day

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South Africa’s president announces policies to treat more patients living with HIV

in the face of tuberculosis
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Medecins Sans Frontieres pleads for more AIDS funding, saying other crises have hurt donations

malaria picture
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HEALTHBEAT: Effort to address breast cancer in poor countries focuses on exams, cheaper chemo

Cancer Caballeros del

HEALTHBEAT: Specialists plan how to counter troubling breast cancer rise in poorest countries

Cancer Caballeros del
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South Africa, follows lead of New York, Canada, to limit trans fats to fight heart disease

SAfrica to limit trans fats as heart disease rises

JOHANNESBURG — South Africa’s health department says it will draft regulations aimed at reducing the trans fats South Africans consume.

‘Alternative Nobel’ to activists from Congo, Australia, New Zealand and Canada

Congo forest protector shares alternative Nobel

JOHANNESBURG — Rene Ngongo, honored with the “alternative Nobel” this week, grew up in a Congo where he could marvel at the wealth of animals and trees.

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