Report finds developing countries getting more AIDS drugs to pregnant women, others in need

More HIV care for pregnant women in poor countries

New health law ends out-of-pocket costs for many preventive services

Health law brings preventive care without copays

WHO cuts global estimate for maternal deaths, says 1,000 still die every day

WHO cuts global estimate for maternal deaths

AMA, other groups remind health providers: Pregnant women need flu shots

Swine Flu

Wedding rates sink and out-of-wedlock births double in European Union

Number of EU children born out of wedlock doubles

C-section rate likely to keep rising as 1 in 3 first-time moms deliver by surgery

Scientists expect C-section rate to keep rising

Italy health minister visits, apologizes to woman who gave birth amid fighting doctors

Italy health minister apologizes for botched birth

Study: Women who have a miscarriage don’t need to wait before trying for another baby

After miscarriage, don’t wait before trying again

Overeating for 2 could create a baby more likely to be obese and have later health problems

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‘Octomom’ doctor accused of negligence, implanting 7 embryos in 48-year-old fertility patient

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Filmmaker George Lucas’ company loses California pregnancy bias lawsuit

Lucasfilm loses pregnancy lawsuit in California

Study: Heavy women have higher chance of a miscarriage after artificial reproduction

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Gates foundation pledges $1.5 billion over 5 years on maternal health programs abroad

Gates to spend $1.5 billion on women’s health

Prosecutor: Remains found by worker inside NJ trash truck were those of stillborn fetus

Remains of stillborn fetus found in NJ trash truck

Study: Fast treatment with Tamiflu or similar drugs saved many pregnant swine flu victims

swine flu

Lancet reports drop in maternal childbirth deaths, says it was pressured not to publish story

Lancet: Sharp drop in maternal deaths worldwide

Study says babies’ lives, health costs saved if 90 percent of US women breast-fed for 6 months

Study: Breast-feeding would save lives, money

Study: Breast cancer survivors can safely become Moms, no proof pregnancy linked to relapse

breast cancer
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CDC study: More Hispanic women breast-feed their babies in East, more whites in West

CDC: Breast-feeding varies by race, place

ATLANTA — A new study confirms that Hispanic women generally breast-feed more than white and black women do. But it finds surprising regional differences in U.S. breast-feeding rates.

Are some medical tests overused? Some guidelines are scaling back on frequency, timing

heart attacks

Govt panel finds too many women denied chance to avoid repeat C-section, urges policy change

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HEALTHBEAT: Jump in obesity, C-sections may be playing role in childbirth-related deaths

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Researchers finding few medical differences between ‘test-tube’ kids and other children

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Conn. police say woman hid triplet pregnancy, died delivering stillborn babies

Conn. woman hides triplet pregnancy, dies in birth

Conn. police say woman hid her triplet pregnancy, died with babies after birthing at home

Police: Woman hid triplet pregnancy, died in birth

WHO: Women at risk from ‘epidemic’ C-sections, China logs world’s highest rate

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California Medical Board accuses fertility doctor of negligence in octuplets case

State board accuses octuplet doctor of negligence

US military dropping controversial policy that allows punishing pregnant soldiers in war zone

Pregnant soldiers in war zone won’t be punished

Top general issuing order that will drop provision allowing punishment for war zone pregnancy

War zone pregnancy punishments being dropped

Study finds swine flu is a threat to new mothers, not just pregnant women

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Israeli study suggests Mozart’s music may help speed up weight gain in premature babies

Mozart’s music may help preemies gain weight

WHO: Pregnant Cambodians get hooked on chewing tobacco to quell morning sickness

Cambodian moms-to-be chew tobacco for nausea

Baby planners the new wedding planners? New moms hiring help with pre-baby to-do lists

New moms hiring baby planners to help pre-baby

Premature births most to blame for high US infant mortality rate, government says

Obesity At Alarming Rate In
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Study links some antibiotics with birth defects; others appear safe for fetus

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Government: Pregnant women benefit from single flu shot, younger children still need 2

swine flu arrives in north
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Inherited obesity: A fat woman’s womb may nudge her children toward becoming obese later on

Scientists seek origins of obesity in the womb

NEW YORK — When Kathy Perusse had weight-loss surgery and shed 120 pounds, she may have done more than make her own life easier.

Cuba acknowledges its first swine flu deaths, saying 3 pregnant women succumbed to illness

Cuba reports swine flu deaths: 3 pregnant women

HAVANA — Cuba has acknowledged its first deaths from swine flu, saying three pregnant women succumbed to the virus and many more have been treated for symptoms.

Rite Aid changes flu-shot policy; pregnant women can get vaccine without doctor’s note

Rite Aid alters flu-shot policy for pregnant women

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The nation’s third-largest drugstore chain is no longer making pregnant women show a prescription to get a flu shot.

CDC: Demand for swine flu nasal spray vaccine surpassing demand; shots available next week

CDC: Spray is here; swine flu shots come next week

ATLANTA — The initial swine flu vaccine doses this week will be the nasal spray version, and arm injections will begin next week to help meet demand, health officials said Tuesday.

Report finds nearly 13 million babies worldwide born premature, 1 million die

Report: 13 million babies worldwide born premature

WASHINGTON — They call it kangaroo care: A premature baby nestles skin-to-skin against mom’s bare, warm chest. In Malawi, mothers’ bodies take the place of too-pricey incubators to keep these fragile newborns alive.

HEALTHBEAT: With swine flu’s clear threat, will more pregnant women finally get vaccinated?

Pregnant? Get a flu shot _ but it may be a hassle

WASHINGTON — It’s hard for pregnant women to escape the message: You’re at extra risk from swine flu — it could trigger premature labor, hospitalize you for weeks, even kill you — so be among the first in line for vaccine next month. But only about one in seven pregnant women gets a flu shot each winter.

Ohio woman carrying another’s baby after clinic mix-up says giving up child is right thing

Ohio couple giving up baby after clinic mix-up

TOLEDO, Ohio — Carolyn Savage didn’t know what to think, what to say, where to look as the ultrasound wand glided over her belly. It was supposed to be her baby inside. Not someone else’s.

NIH expanding studies of swine flu vaccine to include pregnant women, a group at high risk

NIH expands swine flu shot tests to pregnant women

WASHINGTON — It’s time to test the new swine flu vaccine in pregnant women.

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