DEA drug take-back day collects 121 tons of unused prescription medicine from the public

DEA drug take-back nets 121 tons of unwanted drugs

Test-tube baby pioneer Robert Edwards of Britain has won the 2010 Nobel Prize in medicine

Test-tube baby pioneer Edwards wins medicine Nobel

Where’s the beef? Experts say drug-spiked meat could explain Contador’s positive doping test

Drug in beef could explain Contador’s doping test

Hormone blockers before surgery can help breast cancer patients avoid mastectomy, study finds

Drugs before surgery help women avoid mastectomies

Marijuana tracking headed to Colorado, patients worry about harassment

Marijuana tracking on the way in Colo.

DENVER — Colorado wants to set up a first-in-the-nation tracking system of medical marijuana purchases to deter people from buying vast amounts of pot and selling it on the black market.

Report finds developing countries getting more AIDS drugs to pregnant women, others in need

More HIV care for pregnant women in poor countries

Where to get help paying for costly cancer drugs

Where to get help paying for costly cancer drugs

Amgen recalls some lots of anemia treatments Epogen and Procrit due to glass flakes

Amgen recalls anemia drugs due to glass flakes

Medical marijuana advocates say Calif. pot legalization initiative fails to protect patients

Medical pot advocates oppose Calif. legalization

HEALTHBEAT: Somewhat ignored Alzheimer’s tangles get new attention, offer clue to worsening

Alzheimer’s brain tangles offer clue to worsening

FDA extends review of Avastin amid debate over its effectiveness for breast cancer patients


Forest Pharmaceuticals agrees to pay more than $313M, enter guilty plea regarding Celexa

Drug company to pay more than $313M over Celexa

FDA panel recommends against making Robitussin, others prescription drugs, despite abuse

File:Blood pressure

Japan confirms its first case of new superbug gene in man returning from India

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UK drug regulators want GSK’s controversial diabetes pill Avandia pulled from market

UK regulators want Avandia diabetes pill pulled

Study: Drugs to strengthen bones may slightly raise the chances of throat cancer


Mexico’s crackdown on pharmacies selling antibiotics without prescriptions begins Wednesday

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3 biggest US drug chains sell flu shots months earlier; feds have advised for all but newborns

Swine Flu

FDA panel says antidepressant looks effective for back pain, but not osteoarthritis


Summary Box: FDA concerned about expanding use of antidepressant Cymbalta to treat pain

Summary Box: FDA reviews Cymbalta for chronic pain

FDA questions whether Lilly’s antidepressant Cymbalta is safe and effective for chronic pain

Fibromyalgia Healing: Herpes

FDA panel of advisers backs GlaxoSmithKline seizure drug, despite side effects

Epilepsy Foundation of

British doctors warn new superbug found in patients from India, Pakistan could spread widely


Montana health officials say loophole allows out-of-state residents to get medical marijuana

Out-of-state residents can get medical pot cards

Bodyguard testifies that Anna Nicole Smith’s boyfriend, doctor supplied her with drugs

Bodyguard: Anna Nicole’s boyfriend supplied drugs

In DC, no such thing as too poor for medical pot; City is first to give discounts to the needy

In DC, no such thing as too poor for medical pot

Rutgers University just says no to growing pot for NJ’s new medical marijuana initiative

Rutgers just says no to pot growing for NJ

AIDS breakthrough: Vaginal gel helps prevent HIV, herpes infections, African study finds

paris hilton nude herpes
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Columbia University halts some research at brain-imaging center after FDA complaints

FDA cites quality problems at NY brain-imaging lab

New Mexico experiences pot shortage under tight medical marijuana rules

Looking for medical marijuana in NM? Get in line

FDA panel raises concerns over memory lapses seen with experimental weight loss drug

FDA panel worries about psych effects of diet pill

Experimental diet pill promising, with fewer health risks; one of 3 awaiting FDA approval

Experimental diet pill shows promise, little risk

FDA panel says heart risks with diabetes drug Avandia significantly higher than other meds

heart attacks
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FDA staffers disagree on safety of one-time blockbuster diabetes drug Avandia

Summary Box: Drug safety debate exposes FDA rift

Summary Box: FDA meets to review first in trio of obesity drugs seeking approval


Mich. man using medical marijuana to treat brain tumor symptoms sues after firing from Walmart

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Using statins in people with normal cholesterol divides heart doctors, confuses patients

Cholesterol drugs for the healthy still debatable

Experts: Misguided policies that criminalize drug users fuel AIDS epidemic

Experts urge reform of global drug policy

VIENNA — Experts preparing for an international conference are saying policies that criminalize drug users fuel the spread of AIDS and should be reformed.

Hospitalized Cheney reported feeling much better after treatment to address fluid buildup

Hospitalized Cheney reported feeling much better

Portland ‘death huse’ doctor’s license suspended for prescription investigation

Portland ‘death house’ doctor’s license suspended

Oregon Court of Appeals rules concealed handgun permit OK for medical marijuana patient

Oregon court: Handgun permit OK with medical pot

Bill would legalize medical marijuana in US territory of Guam

Bill would legalize medical marijuana on Guam

Bayer and Onyx Pharmaceuticals say Nexavar does not meet study goal as a lung cancer treatment


UK health watchdog recommends against breast cancer drug for patients with advanced disease

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Novartis will make case to FDA for approving pill-based multiple sclerosis treatment

File:Balo sclerosis

Overtreated: Many back pain sufferers may benefit more from time than rising spine operations


OVERTREATED: Many back pain sufferers may benefit more from time than spine operations

Arthritis Joint Pain Relief
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Pfizer drug shows big promise in early testing for lung cancer patients with a certain gene

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