Report: Roberto Alomar hit with another lawsuit saying he has HIV, this time from his wife

Report: Another lawsuit alleges Alomar has HIV

Close quarters, perils of lobstering foster drug-resistant outbreaks on Maine island

Virulent skin germ grates on Maine lobstering isle

Donors pledge $11.7 billion to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria _ below $17 billion needed

Donors pledge $11.7 billion to fight AIDS, TB

Games fever: Spotlight at Commonwealth Games turns to sports, although dengue remains an issue

Spotlight turns to sports at Commonwealth Games

Crisis-plagued Commonwealth Games take another hit when Indian team official gets dengue fever

Crisis-plagued Commonwealth Games get hit again

Indian team official confirmed with dengue fever on day Commonwealth Games open in New Delhi

Hospital: Indian team official has dengue fever

Cholera in West African nations spreading at “alarming” rate, aid group says

Cholera in Africa spreading at ‘alarming’ rate

Old British navy journals tell tales of drunken sailors, walrus attacks and tobacco’s merits

Navy journal from 1801: Tobacco smoke saves lives

Malawi, where 12 percent of population is HIV-positive, adopts new UN AIDS guidelines

Malawi adopts UN guidelines on AIDS

BLANTYRE, Malawi — Malawi’s vice president says her AIDS-ravaged southern African country will adopt the latest U.N. health guidelines that call for putting HIV-positive people on drugs sooner.

Report finds developing countries getting more AIDS drugs to pregnant women, others in need

More HIV care for pregnant women in poor countries

Summary Box: Walgreen says it has given 2M flu shots since August, could handle 15M this year

Summary Box: Walgreen outlines the flu season

China says 5 people in Tibet with deadly pneumonic plague, 1 dead

5 infected with deadly pneumonic plague in Tibet

One in five gay and bisexual men has HIV and many don’t know it, says CDC study of 21 cities

Study: 1 in 5 urban gay and bisexual men got HIV

New health law ends out-of-pocket costs for many preventive services

Health law brings preventive care without copays

SC prison system braces for federal lawsuit on policy of housing HIV inmates separately

SC prisons brace for lawsuit over inmates with HIV

Whooping cough in California has infected 4,000 and killed 9; infections continue to rise


CDC: Overall toddler vaccination rates are good, but a decline in measles shots a concern

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Malawi rules out circumcision as AIDS-prevention strategy, says no evidence it works

Malawi rules out circumcision for AIDS prevention

American flown from Antarctica on midwinter mercy flight recovering from pneumonia in NZealand


AMA, other groups remind health providers: Pregnant women need flu shots

Swine Flu

Atlanta man who was thrust into middle of 2007 international TB scare seeking to sue CDC


Patient at center of 2007 tuberculosis scare seeking to sue the CDC


Federal health officials: Puerto Rico has had record number of dengue deaths so far in 2010


Pediatricians endorses mandatory flu vaccinations for doctors, nurses, other health workers

Group backs mandatory flu vaccinations for doctors

AP Exclusive: Owner of peanut company linked to 9 salmonella deaths back in food business

AP Exclusive: Back in business after peanut deaths

UNICEF: Cholera outbreak in Cameroon ‘worst in 20 years’ with hundreds dead

survived cholera epidemic

WHO official: Faster, more vaccine production needed for next flu pandemic

Swine Flu

Cholera kills 41 in Central African nation of Chad; outbreaks also in Nigeria, Cameroon

survived cholera epidemic

Suriname’s new president back in power after weeklong illness; confirms had dengue

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STORY REMOVED: VA–Salmonella Outbreak-Peanuts

STORY REMOVED: VA–Salmonella Outbreak-Peanuts

TB breakthrough: New test diagnoses disease in under 2 hours; tells if it’s drug-resistant

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Air Force says it’s investigating whether sergeant exposed others to HIV at ’swinger’ parties

Air Force: Sergeant may have exposed others to HIV

Summary Box: Foursquare, MTV to reward STD checkups with badge

Summary Box: Foursquare offers badge for checkups

Testing: Foursquare, MTV to reward STD check-ups with special badge

Foursquare, MTV to reward STD checkups with badge

Father seeks release of China AIDS activist who was jailed while petitioning for compensation


European Medicines Agency investigates if there’s a link between swine flu shot, narcolepsy


AIDS activists file complaint against Larry Flynt, demand condoms be used in sex films

AIDS activists file complaint against Larry Flynt

German court finds girlband singer guilty of infecting partner with HIV

German court finds HIV singer guilty

DARMSTADT, Germany — A German court has found a girl-band singer guilty of causing bodily harm to an ex-boyfriend by having unprotected sex with him despite knowing she was infected with HIV but she won’t spend any time in prison.

German prosecutors, defense recommend no prison time for singer with HIV

German prosecutors: No jail time for HIV singer

Prosecutors, defense recommend no prison time for German singer with HIV

Prosecutors, defense: no prison time for Benaissa

In South Africa, doctors and activists worry about impact of strike on AIDS patients

AIDS patients hurt by South African strike

Merck, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation commit $60M to Botswana HIV/AIDS partnerships


Kenyan court gives 8-month sentence to 2 tuberculosis patients for skipping their medications


Chinese AIDS activist who caught the virus as a boy is detained by police, colleagues say

AIDS activists: Chinese colleague detained

3 biggest US drug chains sell flu shots months earlier; feds have advised for all but newborns

Swine Flu

German singer goes on trial for allegedly infecting partner with HIV

German pop singer tried over HIV allegation

Andy Roddick says recent struggles were result of mild case of mononucleosis

Roddick says he’s had mononucleosis

MASON, Ohio — Andy Roddick finally knows what’s been getting him down the last few months — a mild case of mononucleosis.

Was it the chicken? Poultry, beef, leafy greens named top culprits in food poisoning outbreaks

Poultry fingered as No. 1 food poisoning culprit

British doctors warn new superbug found in patients from India, Pakistan could spread widely

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