Irish Women have Higher Risk to Suffer from Breast Cancer
NEW YORK ( -- A new EC report has revealed that Irish women have the higher risk to suffer from breast cancer than the women in any other country in Europe.

LONDON - An ordinary-looking white flower from Japan may carry something quite extraordinary within its pale petals - the longest genome ever discovered.

LONDON - What's bad for your ears may also be bad for your heart.

STOCKHOLM - Robert Edwards of Britain won the 2010 Nobel Prize in medicine on Monday for developing in-vitro fertilization, a breakthrough that ignited heated controversy in the 1970s but has helped millions of infertile couples since then have children.

LONDON - Tour de France champion Alberto Contador's claim that the steak he ate is to blame for his positive doping test is plausible, experts say, since the drug he's accused of taking is sometimes illegally given to beef cattle.
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