Worm sticks between woman’s cornea and iris in Bihar

Sunday, December 26, 2010

NALANDA - In an unusual case a worm got stuck between a woman’s cornea and the iris of her right eye in Bihar’s Nalanda District.adha Devi, a 20 year-old patient, got operated on Saturday at nearby charitable hospital in the region and is out of danger now.

She felt irritation in her right eye ten days ago. After examining her eyes, doctors in the region found it very unusual case and decided to consult specialists from the country and abroad.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar, an eye surgeon, examined the case and decided to operate the eye at the earliest.

After successful operation the doctor took out the worm and further he has sent the worm for microbiological test.

“It would have been lethal and created very severe reaction and pain inside the eye if it would have died inside. So, in emergency we did the operation last evening and took out the insect from the eye. We have decided to send that insect for microbiological test,” said Kumar.
Now, the patient is perfectly fine and has been discharge from the hospital today. We kept her under 24 hours observation and the operation went peacefully. We did not charge a single penny from her; the operation was free of cost,” he added.

Doctors believe that due to some infection this worm entered into blood of the patient and through blood it entered into the eye.

Radha Devi said whenever she looked into the mirror she found some net kind of material in her right eye and further she felt irritation in the same eye.

“I had pain in my eye and when I saw in the mirror I saw some net kind of thing. Gradually my eye turned red. Then I consulted doctor they checked my eye and took out insect from the eye,” said Devi.

According to doctors, the name of the worm is ‘Eye One Nova Nova’ which found in Africa and till now only four to five such cases have been reported in India.

The worm is preserved and will be sent to United States of America and other countries for investigation. Radha will too send outside the country for treatment if required. By Ravi Ranjan (ANI)

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