Nine persons lose vision after cataract surgery in Tamil Nadu

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

DHARAMPUR - At least nine patients lost their eyesight following cataract surgery in a private hospital in Dharapuram town of Tamil Nadu state.

About 23 patients had to be admitted in city’s Ludhran eye care hospital for cataract surgery, a private hospital run by a Christian missionary, out of which nine patients complained loss of vision following severe viral infection, inflammation and redness in the eyes.

The victims included five women and a 23-year-old youth.

“I had come here with vision problem and I was advised to get a small operation to insert lens. I agreed for it but after the operation I realized that I lost my eye sight,” said Kalaimmal, one of the victims.

The surgery was conducted successfully on rest of the patients. They were discharged after administering a few eye drops and medicines.

Hospital officials said that the incident had happened due to viral infection in the medicine and eyes.

“Because of the infection, which was informed in micro biological lab, it was totally carried infection of an eye and infection of bacteria of medicine…we have taken appropriate step to control one of the infections of bacteria in the eyes of the particular nine patients and they have been now recovered but are still under expert’s guidance and services of the medical treatment,” said Benjaman Jayaraj, Administrative Officer, Ludhran Eye Hospital.

Police, however, has registered a case of negligence against the hospital and launched an official probe into the botched up surgeries. (ANI)

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