Brit-Indian honeymooner’s ‘fragile’ mental health worries pals

Sunday, January 23, 2011

LONDON - Friends of Shrien Dewani, the Brit-Indian millionaire who is fighting extradition plans to South Africa over charges that he masterminded his wife Anni’s murder during their honeymoon in Cape Town, have expressed concern about his ‘fragile’ mental health as he is suffering flashback of the hijack.

The Guardian quoted Dewani’s friends as saying that he has lost ten kilograms of weight because of his constant recall of the hijacking and murder of his wife.

Dewani has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder by a psychiatrist, but is determined recover fast. He might return to South Africa to fight the allegations against him voluntarily.

“He’s doing everything he can to get back on track so that he can clear his name. Post-traumatic stress disorder doesn’t go away in a matter of days but the intention is to fight the allegations. No one would want to stay on bail under these conditions,” a friend said.

Following the murder, South Africans police had arrested four localities in connection with the killing. The couple’s taxi driver Zola Thongo has been sentenced to 18 years in jail, but the country’s police insist that the plot was “masterminded” by Dewani and have called for his extradition.

The 31-year-old Indian born businessman, who is out on 250,000 pounds bail in Britain, is facing charges of conspiracy to murder, kidnapping, robbery with aggravated circumstances and obstruction of the administration of justice. (ANI)

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