Flossing cuts risk of heart attack

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

LONDON - A new UK study claimed that regular flossing keeps one’s health perfect and also reduces the chances of heart attack.

Dental Health Foundation estimated if you are not regularly flossing, your gums and teeth won’t be as healthy as they could be and your health might be being suffering.

“Gum disease, caused by the build up of bacteria on the teeth is really an infection in your mouth. An infection of any type is not good for the body, especially in people whose capability to fight infection may be compromised by an illness such as diabetes or an immune disease,” the Daily Express quoted Payman Langroudi, a dentist with Enlighten Smiles, as saying.

Flossing once a day reaches the 35 per cent of the mouth that can’t be reached by brushing alone and is vital protection against swollen, red and bleeding gums that can later lead to periodontal disease.

“Flossing helps keep your breath more pleasant by removing the malodorous bacterial film that can’t be removed by brushing alone,” said Langroudi.ristol University researchers reported that bacteria can enter the bloodstream via sore gums and deposit a clot-forming protein that raises heart disease risk.

“Now it seems regular flossing may directly reduce cardiovascular risk,” suggests Langroudi.

Moreover, in pregnant women with unhealthy gums that remained untreated, 52 per cent gave birth before 35 weeks.

Severe gum disease can affect blood sugar control in diabetics, leading to prolonged periods of time when the body functions with a high blood sugar.

The report by Belgian researchers is published in the journal Clinical Oral Investigations. (ANI)

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