CRPF soldiers in Kashmir Valley receive yoga training to combat stress

Monday, November 1, 2010

SRINAGAR - The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) officials in the Kashmir Valley receive yoga training as a stress buster, after the Valley was hit by continuous curfews and strikes.

The officials are being taught yoga to bring down their stress levels that many feel have increased after long hours of work, which call for alertness.. Triparti, a CRPF spokesperson, said that the needs of the officers were looked after carefully.

“I know which officer is doing what shift and we also know what facilities they need after coming back from their duty. And we find ways to lower their stress levels,” said Tripathi.

CRPF officers perform meditation and various exercises to control their mental stress and to increase their physical stamina.

“Continuous duty increases our stress levels. We leave in the morning and there is no fixed time for our duties. We have to leave whenever we are asked. There is also no fixed time of returning. So, we feel more depressed, thinking that we don’t get time to sleep and to do other things,” said Rohit Sharma, an officer.

“We hardly communicate with our families and parents, and don’t get time to contact them. So, with these exercises we feel a bit relaxed. And our minds are diverted from all the other things,” he added.

CRPF officers are generally unable to communicate with their families due to their work.

A yoga instructor has also been employed to teach them different exercises.

“We try that whenever we get time, we impart body exercises and after that give them meditation exercises so that their mental conflict is controlled and they are able to feel fresh and healthy,” said Vijay Sharma, Yoga instructor.

Over 2,000 CRPF officers have been injured during the past few months which saw a spate of strikes, curfews and shutdowns in the area. By Parvez Butt (ANI)

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