“iDosing”, the latest “digital drug” high available on Internet

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MELBOURNE - A new free legal high drug that can be downloaded through the Internet has emerged in the form of “iDosing”.

Reports of kids achieving catatonic or hallucinogenic states simply by downloading and listening to “digital drugs” have been making rounds.

It was first revealed when kids at Mustang High School in Oklahoma were caught wasted on “monotonous, layered sounds in a dark room”.

According to NewsOK, iDosing’s caught on at Mustang High enough to convince staff to send letters home to parents warning them of the possible dangers.

“The parents’ reaction was the same as mine. Just shocked,” News.com.au quoted Mustang School District Superintendent Bonnie Lightfoot as saying.

A person can iDose by simply finding a dark room, slipping on the headphones and sitting motionless, listening to repetitive, atonal tracks, and the time it takes to achieve any transcendental state is entirely up to the user.

An analysis done on the dangers of iDosing has shown that while the practice itself is mostly harmless, there’s a chance of it leading to more harmful addictions.

Owner of I-Doser.com, Nick Ashton, supports Mustang’s warning for parents.

“We have heard of that, and we agree. Any method that involved experiencing a simulated mood or experience should be taken seriously,” he said.

“I-Doser.com is not dangerous, completely safe, but any user should be aware that this is causing a modification of mood,” he stated.

According to i-dose.us, the tracks on their “Binaural Beats” list can promote a range of feel-good vibes, which can help you quit smoking, relieve PMS and relieve pain.

And the site also offers one the chance to become a “digital dealer” at I-Doser.

Their Recreational Simulations pack 16.95 dollars is a collection of 4 doses in MP3 format: Marijuana, Cocaine, Opium, and Peyote. (ANI)

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July 23, 2010: 1:43 am

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