10 died of swine flu in Pakistan

Sunday, December 20, 2009

ISLAMABAD - Ten people have died of swine flu in Pakistan but the health ministry has failed to devise any effective strategy to stop the spread of the viral disease, officials said.

Till date, 63 people have been affected by the disease. The National Programme for Influenza failed to create awareness about swine flu among people, the Online news agency said Sunday quoting unnamed sources in the ministry.

Government officials ignored swine flu by terming it the disease of non-Muslims, but it reached Pakistan, they said. According to officials 10 people, including seven women, died of swine flu in the country.

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wsim sajjad
March 6, 2010: 11:43 am

Its difficult to treat swine flu once the person get infection. Effective vaccines are not available coz this virus has the ability to change its structure. Due to which our immune system fails to recognise the virus. That is due to antigenic shift nd antigenic drift, minor nd major changes occurs in the antigenic structure of the virus nd are responsible for world wide pandemics….
wasim sajjad stidend of microbiology

Hassan Mahmood
January 3, 2010: 3:01 am

My friend is ill now a days. Some Doctors say hime about “Swine Flue”. Now he is in hospital. And Doctors got sample for Swine Flue Test.
Can you tell me about main points in this desiese.
And also about its treatment in Pakistan.

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