Prince Harry spotted at UK club that holds naked shows, extols drugs use

Saturday, February 19, 2011

LONDON - Prince Harry and his on-off girlfriend Chelsy Davy were spotted at a club in Britain, which features naked shows and praises drugs use.

The club, known as The Box, is tucked out of sight and down an alleyway in Soho, and has an atmosphere that has been described as deliberate debauchery with its glass doors and dark-red walls covered in mirrors.

It is favoured by most of the A-list stars, and has been described as a “theatre of varieties” - a concept which translates as cheap thrills for those with expensive tastes.

Prince Harry, 26, had visited the club, which started in New York, last weekend after dinner, and stars like Jude Law, Kanye West, Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga have also been its patrons.

Celebrity patrons in London already include Keira Knightley, who reportedly had a naked lap dance from a tattooed male artiste last week.

The club has been open for only a matter of weeks and media organisations are banned, but reporters from the Evening Standard managed to gain access.

They found clients paying 1,000 pounds for one of the “antique-laden” tables, which feature a menu including seared tuna and Iranian caviar.

According to their report, dance music pumped out of the speakers until 1am, when an American master of ceremonies known as Raven O took to the stage.

“Do all the drugs you want. Do all the cocaine you can. Answer every fetish. Drugs are good,” the Daily Mail reported Raven O as saying.

Raven O, tattooed, semi-naked and with his hair fashioned into devil horns, proceeded to introduce a series of acrobats and other performers, who all used nudity and violence throughout their acts.

The first man simulated inhaling drugs off the stomach of a scantily clad female while the next performance featured a naked man wearing a pig mask, being set alight by two women.

When the main show ends at around 3.30am, a selection of guests are invited upstairs to the VIP area for what is described as a “more titillating” version of the show.

The man behind it is Simon Hammerstein, a British public schoolboy, who calls the show “fetish burlesque”, and says that it’s artistically unfettered erotic theatre.

“Everyone at The Box should feel like it’s a constant bath of Dionysian debauchery,” Hammerstein said.

“That’s what I’m selling: mystique and mystery and sexual openness,” he added. (ANI)

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